Job Shadowing, In-Service Training Program

Job Shadowing is an opportunity to explore a career field of interest by spending quality time with one or more professionals in the field. Students who participate in Job Shadowing will receive a firsthand look at the workplace and will be able to see what it’s like actually working in a career of their choice. Job Shadowing offers a chance for students to explore possible career fields through limited observation and discussions with professionals at selected job sites. Job Shadowing is intended to assist students in the career planning process. By participating in a job shadowing experience, students will gain a better understanding of what's involved in a particular career choice. This information will assist students in their career decision-making process and can help them to decide what industry or environment they may wish to further explore before graduating from early childhood education program.

How does Job Shadowing benefit students?

Students who participate in Job Shadowing can:

  1. Get a firsthand look at what goes on behind the scenes when working in a specific career field or industry.
  2. Have a chance to make valuable networking connections.
  3. Get to observe how classroom learning can be applied to the real world.
  4. Have an opportunity to learn more about various career options which will help students to be able to make a more informed decision.
  5. Get a chance to act and dress professionally while speaking with professionals in the field.

Thanks to Early Childhood Center at Ohio Wesleyan University, WERC can offer job shadowing to teachers from member schools through summer internship programs. Here goes a briefing about how the program may work.

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