Wesley School Profile

Wesley School Hangzhou is among the top-notch international preschool programs in China. With its state of the art facilities, internationally recognized IB curriculum, and seasoned professionals in early childhood developments, Wesley School Hangzhou is poised to offer an authentic bilingual learning experiences to Chinese children aged between 2.5 to 6 year old. Currently, Wesley School Hangzhou has three campuses in Hangzhou city and is in the process of rolling out new schools. All Wesley Schools will uphold the Wesley values of commitment to innovative high-quality education while advancing social equality and human development. We expect to see more and more Wesley Schools with outstanding educational programs benefiting Chinese families.

Wesley School Ethos

At Wesley Schools, we live by two basic principles: Students Come First and No One Is Left Behind. In following the first principle, we use “students come first” as a guideline in making all our decisions, from academic planning and operational management, to logistical support, and communication with parents. Whenever we must make difficult decisions, we refer to this principle, and our choices become self-evident. In following the second principle, we are committed to providing equal access to highquality international education to everyone within the Wesley family, regardless of race, gender, beliefs, demographics, religion or family influences. At Wesley, we work hard to ensure that every student has the right to be him or herself and has the opportunity to be the best that he or she can be.

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