Wesley Education Research Center

Wesley Education Research Center for Early Childhood Education is the leading organization in advocating the philosophies, methodologies and values of Progressive Education within the Wesley Education Family. Pioneered by John Dewey, the founding father of modern education movements in US, Progressive Education flourishes in the pursuit of fostering a cooperative community citizen and developing individuals’  capacities ever since.

Vision Statement

Wesley Research Center strives to ensure all children reach their full potential - Be themselves and be the best they can.

Mission Statement

Following of the principles of Progressive Education, advocated by the founding father of Modern Education John Dewey, WERC promotes high quality, state of art learning resources to enhance early childhood development, for children from birth through age 8, by sharing and applying the best practices, policies, research, resources worldwide, advancing continuous improvements through positive changes within Wesley Community and beyond, and supporting all educators and organizations who care for and work on behalf of young children.

Values & Beliefs

Our core values define who we are, and our beliefs direct what we shall do. We uphold these values and beliefs in all our initiatives and programs.

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