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One of Wesley Education Research Center's strategic priorities is to offer equitable access to developmentally appropriate, high-quality early learning resources to children from birth through age 8. WERC member schools rely on the vast resources that the research center produces, including thematic units through digital media, best teaching and learning methodologies, developmentally appropriate assessments and assessment practices, Purposely built, specialized reading programs for children and Integrated Arts and Social Studies programs. These tools focus on developmentally appropriate practice and enable members to stay up-to-date on current research and emerging trends, which they can apply directly to their classroom teaching and learning.

Resources Strategies

Wesley Education Research Center is committed to offering children birth through age eight equitable access to developmentally appropriate, purposefully designed, high-quality early learning resources and experiences. WERC aims to achieve this goal by:

  • Building a sophisticated and reliable accreditation system which will act as the gold standard to build quality pre-K and quality rating and improvement systems.
  • Developing and organize developmentally appropriate resources and time-tested practices commonly seen as indispensable for kindergarten through third grade.
  • Reflecting comprehensive approaches to providing equitable access to high-quality early learning, with a particular focus on children living in poverty, minority children, and children with disabilities.
  • Using culturally, linguistically, and developmentally appropriate assessments and assessment practices for children birth through third grade.
  • Innovating and inventing new learning systems that are designed to cope with emerging challenges in early childhood education.

Resources Overview

In line with the strategy of developing high-quality early learning resources, various teams at WERC work together on some flagship programs, which set us apart from other curriculum development agencies in the field. Among all programs, WERC takes most pride in:

  • Thematic Units - applying concept mapping to integrate curriculum and to guide delivery.
  • Inquiry Based Learning – enhancing student-centered learning by asking inspiring questions.
  • Data Driven Instruction – embracing the power of data and making learning measurable, customized and more fun, while ensuring the accountability of teaching.
  • Assessment Portfolio – recording students’ growth and progress in a comprehensive, holistic way.
  • Read Aloud – using purposefully designed reading cards to enable children speaking out in authentic English.
  • Specialized programs – fulfilling individual and family learning needs in targeted, specialized areas.

Leadership in Innovations

Wesley Schools take the pride in being the leader in experimenting new ideas, pedagogies, technologies, educational initiatives and movements. Wesley welcomes all schools of philosophies in early childhood education, among those are Montessori approach, Reggio Emilia approach and Waldorf approaches, etc. Wesley Schools strive to bring the best of all schools to strengthen its curriculum under the guidance of Wesley Education Research Center. To encourage the communication and spread of the "Best Practices" within and beyond Wesley Education Family, Wesley Education Research Center will tap into its worldwide resources, organize international contests for the best lesson plans and build an online library to document, disseminate and spread the new, creative ideas across the board. Wesley Schools aim at becoming the pioneer in leading educational innovations and movements worldwide.

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