General Membership Questions

1. How do I join WERC

A printable membership application is required for admission. Please mail your application form to Wesley Education Research Center at.

2. How much does membership cost?

Members join WERC with their community Affiliate Group. That way you receive all the benefits of WERC membership and enjoy the benefits of membership in local, state, and regional early childhood organizations at the same time! Your total dues amount reflects dues for each organization to which you belong, depending on how your state is organized. Dues vary by state and community. For more information about the membership due, please email to

3. How long does it take for a membership to become active?

It usually takes 6 months to complete an institutional account. Members who renew by phone or email are automatically activated, once their payment dues are confirmed.

4. When will I receive my Membership Welcome Package?

Members can expect to receive their welcome package with membership ID card approximately 3–4 weeks after their membership has been activated.

5. How long is my membership good for?

A WERC membership is good for one year from the time the application is processed.

6. What is the cost of membership? Why are there no fees on the membership application?

Membership dues vary by state and community. For information about the groups in your area, please email to

7. Who can register as a student member?

For a new or existing member to join or renew their membership at the student level, they must be registered as a full-time student at a college or university, obtain a valid student ID from their institution, and register with a .edu e-mail address. Members taking non-degree seeking courses must register at the regular membership level.

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