Affiliated Membership

What is the difference between an Independent and an Affiliate membership?

An Independent membership is a membership only at the national level, whereas an Affiliate membership is a membership in the local/chapter, state, and the national level.

WERC no longer accepts new applications for Independent memberships. However, existing Independent members can renew as Independent members. Upon joining, all new members must select a local Affiliate. Non-U.S. residents may join as International Independent members.

As a Life member, why am I no longer a member of my Affiliate group?

Life memberships pertain only to the national membership. Independent members can “Add an Affiliation” in their Membership Account in the online Members Only area to renew an Affiliate membership; Affiliate dues will apply.

Can I join more than one Affiliate group?

Yes. You can join multiple groups at the beginning of a membership year. If you “Add an Affiliation” during your membership year, you are responsible for paying the local and state dues, if not already paid (that is, a member who joins two Affiliate groups in the same state has already paid for the state membership, so they are responsible only for the additional local dues). Your membership dues in the new Affiliate are not prorated, and your expiration date remains unchanged.

I've moved. How do I change my Affiliate group?

Please be sure to update your mailing address by logging into our Members Only area. Because dues vary from one Affiliate group to another, affiliations do not change automatically when a member moves. Members may “Add an Affiliation” during their membership year to join the group in their new area. Please note, however, that WERC does not process refunds for Affiliate memberships.

How do I join an Affiliate group?

New members with a U.S. address select the Affiliate group of their choice when they join WERC. To understand which Affiliate group you may belong to, please contact WERC at

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