Wesley Global Community

Wesley Global Learning Community is the brainchild of Wesley Education Research Center, which connects Wesley sister schools worldwide, promoting progressive education and sharing the best practices in early childhood development. The center also partners with Wesleyan universities specialized in early childhood education for joint research, teacher recruitment, and professional developments. To advance innovations in education, the center pools together resources from the mainstream content providers with specialized knowledge in arts, science & technology, music, dance, muscle arts, etc. and establishes in each Wesley School nine creative thematic learning areas which complements its prevailing IB curriculum. Under the leadership of Wesley Education Research Center, Wesley Schools work together with its international sister schools, partner universities and content providers to promote progressive education and provide the best quality educational resources to Wesley students and parents alike.

Specialized Knowledge Partners

Specialized Knowledge Partners are the cream of the crop in their respective areas of strengths, ranging from music, fine arts, creative arts, performing arts, martial arts, social & emotional development, natural sciences, language development to family engagement. All specialized knowledge partners come along with purposefully designed curriculum and time-tested, proven methodologies, which work together to paint the learning canvas of student's minds and hearts.

Chinese Culture Room

Chinese Culture Room in partnership with National Association of Chinese Calligraphy and Painting.

Wesley Library

Wesley Library in partnership with Read Aloud Program with Authentic English Literature.

Magic Kitchen

Magic Kitchen in partnership with Young Children Bakery Program.


STEAM Room in partnership with Mad Science Program and Child Aviation Club.

Art Room

Art Room in partnership with National Association of Arts and Handcraft for Young Children.

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