Wesley Global Knowledge Network

Wesley Global Knowledge Network is a coalition built upon four tier structure: At the center is the brainchild – Wesley Education Research Center, who forged ahead of the coalition and integrates the resources from its various constituencies to advocate progressive education. Under the leadership of WERC, three other tiers of knowledge providers are seamlessly integrated to deliver Wesley’s promises. Those three tiers are:

Tier One: Partner Wesleyan Universities

Tier Two: Domestic and International Sister Schools

Tier Three: Specialized Knowledge Partners

Strategic Priorities of Wesley Global Knowledge Network

WERC sets forth strategic goals for the organization advancements. It reflects in three dimensions:

Dimension 1: Organizational Excellence

WERC reflects excellence in all aspects of organizational health and vitality. We aim to encourage:

  • The National Dialogue results in a streamlined affiliate system that operates at the highest capacity, effectively serving early childhood professionals at the local, state, and national levels.
  • Components report experiencing the national component as intentional in its effort to engage in reciprocal communications around matters that cut across all components.
  • WERC’s governance structure is strong. National board members are accountable for the diversity, effectiveness, fiscal health, and sustainability of the organization.
  • Staff report a shared understanding and accountability for a high-performing, inclusive organization, including an understanding of the vision, mission, and values.
  • Members, customers, and staff report WERC’s information and communication technology systems are reliable, user-friendly, support their work effectively, and meet their needs

Dimension 2: Leadership in Innovation

WERC cultivates leadership and incubates innovative strategies that propel the field, profession, and systems of early learning. We aim to achieve:

  • Strong leadership capacity is present throughout WERC components, membership, volunteers, and staff.
  • Early childhood programs and professionals throughout the world have access to WERC’s resources, content, and early childhood systems expertise.
  • WERC serves as a catalyst and consensus builder for complex and controversial issues to generate new knowledge and understanding.
  • WERC is a reliable and productive collaborator and partner.

Dimension 3: Professional Development

WERC believes that the early childhood education profession exemplifies excellence and is recognized as vital and performing a critical role in society. We aim to promote:

  • Professional preparation and development for birth through age eight educators is aligned and grounded in WERC’s standards and delivered in innovative ways.
  • Skills, knowledge, competencies and qualifications are agreed upon and used to define the early care and education profession.
  • Early childhood professionals are diverse, effective educators and leaders working within a compensation and recognition system that supports their excellence.
  • Professional development and preparation systems support seamless progression for early care and education professionals to advance their education, professional learning, and careers.

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