Maintaining the Accreditation Requirements

Programs must demonstrate continued compliance with WERC’s 10 Early Learning Program Standards, by submitting annual reports and corresponding annual fee. Programs must also inform WERC of major programmatic changes or incidents, and submit to additional verification and random visits if required. During your program’s final year of its five-year term, you will indicate your intent to renew accreditation and submit renewal materials before having a renewal site visit.

Annual Report and Fee

At the end of each of the first four years of the five-year accreditation term, your program is required to submit an annual report and annual fee. During the final year of your term, instead of the annual report, your program will submit a remittance notice with the annual fee as a means of closing out your five-year term.

Update WERC Regularly

It is imperative that programs update WERC when important changes occur or when critical incidents happen. Your program is required to self-report any programmatic and staff changes using the self-report form within 30 days of the change. In the case of a critical incident, your program must alert WERC within 72 hours. If a severe incident has occurred, your program may be required to submit additional verification or consent to a random visit, at WERC’s discretion.

Indicate Your Intent to Renew

In the final, fifth year of your accreditation term, your program is required to inform WERC of its intent to renew accreditation and to provide documentation of the program’s continuous journey toward quality improvement while maintaining WERC's 10 Early Learning Program Standards.

Submit Renewal Materials

Once your program has submitted all intent-to-renew materials, your program will update and compile evidence, as guided by the self-assessment materials, to prepare for your renewal site visit. To avoid a lapse in accreditation, be sure that you’re adhering to your timeline. In the event of lapsed accreditation, additional late fees apply.

Demonstrate Standards Alignment

During the site visit, the assessor will thoroughly survey at least one classroom for each age group served, in addition to reviewing your portfolio and observable evidence, auxiliary indoor and outdoor spaces, and more. Make sure the program portfolio and all classroom portfolios, family surveys, teaching staff surveys, and survey tally sheets are complete and in one location before the site visit. You will coordinate with your assigned assessor, and receive a 15-day window for the site visit, followed by one-day advance final notice. You will receive notice of your program’s re-accreditation status within 90 days.

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